Commercial Photo Gallery

Air Duct Cleaning

After a fire broke out in this University's research facility, they were in need of a deep clean to get rid of all the smoke residue.  This included an air duct cleaning so that none of the smoke remained circulation from the Air Duct systems throughout the building.

Pottery Studio Cleanup

This college art studio is being repurposed for a new program, so they called on SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties to clean up all the thick red clay that was matted on the walls, as well as the red dust that covered the ceiling and walls!

Water Damage Leaves Business With a Large Mess

A local business was left with a large mess after they had a water pipe break in their building.  The water sprayed throughout the evening which resulted in their ceiling collapsing in certain areas.  SERVPRO of Montgomery & Pulaski Counties was able to get to the scene within 30 minutes of receiving the call and started extracting the excess water.  The faster we can get to a water damage, the more money is saved in damages. 

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup!

After a commercial business suffered water damage, they were left with a lot of excess water in their warehouse area.  Our team is working to get this company back into their facility as soon as possible!  

Commercial Flooding!

Following an aggressive rainstorm, this local manufacturer was left with a huge mess!  The company was in the middle of getting their roof repaired when the storm ran its course.  

Carpet Cleaning in Action!

This is our crew midway through a commercial carpet cleaning!  There is a clear difference between the section that has been thoroughly cleaned and the section they have not yet reached.