Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damage Cleanup

Following a fire damage, it is important that there is a diligent cleaning to get rid of any of the fire and smoke residues throughout the building.  If it is not done properly, the unpleasant smell can remain.

Green Caravan

Following a fire damage at this local College, our team was proud to arrive in our trusty green caravan to help make this fire damage, "Like it never even happened."

Soot Strands Left by a Fire

These strange black webs are actually called soot strands.  These are commonly left behind following a situation where there is a lot of smoke in a home.  They are a fine black particle, mostly composed of carbon, oil, wood, or other fuels.

Aftermath of a Fire

Fires leave behind a thick residue of soot even after they are put out.  After this home experienced a fire, they were left with extensive smoke damage throughout the house.  It is important that all the residue gets completely cleaned off of all surfaces, and the air purified to rid of the foul odor that can be left behind.

Hallway Completely Burned

This destructive fire was caused by a cigarette that was improperly disposed of.  The fire ripped through the first level of their home leaving everything in it's path affected.  

RVFF Charity Golf Tournament

Saturday May 5th was a beautiful day for the Roanoke Valley Firefighters Foundation Annual Charity Golf Tournament.  Despite the forecast of rain, our team enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine and golf!