Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Green Team Hard at Work

After this home experienced a water damage, Dakota and Cindy were on the job ensuring that no moisture was left behind.  This is important for preventing future damage and mold growth.

Moldy Ceiling Tile From Leaky Pipe

After a customer found water dripping from the ceiling of her garage due to a leaky pipe, she called in our team to check out the damage.  Upon further inspection, the ceiling tiles affected by the water leak had developed a mold growth that needed to be taken care of.

Mold Growth Spreads Throughout Home

This sitting home has been the perfect environment for mold growth for long enough that the mold has spread to almost every room.  This home had been left unattended, and there were plants that had started sprouting through the carpeting.

Mold Growth In Local Basement

After water seeped into the basement of this home, mold growth started to cover the rooms and contents all throughout the lower level.  Once mold has an environment where it can grow, it does not take long for it to start to spread rapidly.

Basement Experiences Large Spread of Mold Growth

This damp, cool basement became home to a large spread of mold growth that affected many of the contents within the area.  These books are examples of some of the affected contents.

CE classes in full swing

Our own Mason Walker teaching a CE course on Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry at beautiful SpringHill Suites in Roanoke.  We were thankful for all those in attendance for our dual class on Mold and Restorative Drying for Water on this rainy day!